RESOURCES: Textbooks (from 2000 ff)

Introductory Macroeconomics and Microeconomics

Microeconomics: Individual Choice in Communities, by Gerald Friedman (2014).

Principles of Macroeconomics: Activist vs. Austerity Policies Howard Sherman and Michael A. Meeropol. (2013). 

Economics: An Introduction to Traditional and Progressive Views (7th ed.) by E.K. Hunt and Howard J. Sherman (2008).

Microeconomics in Context by Neva Goodwin, Julie A. Nelson, Frank Ackerman, and Thomas Weisskopf (2008).

Macroeconomics in Context by Neva Goodwin; Julie A. Nelson; Jonathan Harris; With contributions by Brian Roach, GDAE, Tufts; and James Devine, Loyola Marymount University (2008).

Economics: A Tool for Critically Understanding Society (8th ed.) by Tom Riddell, Jean Shackelford, Steve Stamos, and Geoffrey Schneider (2007).

Reintroducing Macroeconomics: A Critical Approach by Steven Mark Cohn (2007).

Understanding Capitalism: Competition, Command, and Change (3rd ed.) by Samuel Bowles, Richard Edwards, and Frank Roosevelt (2005).

Neoclassical and Institutionalist Perspectives on Economic Behavior: Microeconomics by Susan Himmelweit, Roberto Simonetti, and Andrew Trigg (2001). (Intermediate-level text.)

Economics: A New Introduction by Hugh Stretton (2000).

Introduction to Political Economy

Introduction to Political Economy (5th ed.) by Charles Sackrey and Geoffrey Schneider (2008).

International Political Economy: Contrasting World Views by Raymond C. Miller (2008).

Understanding Capitalism: Competition, Command, and Change (3rd ed.) by Samuel Bowles, Richard Edwards, and Frank Roosevelt (2005).

Radical Political Economy by Charles A. Barone (2004).

The Political Economics of Capitalism by Mayo Toruno (2003).

Political Economy and Contemporary Capitalism: Radical Perspectives on Economic Theory and Policy edited by Ron Baiman, Heather Boushey, and Dawn Saunders (2000).

Introduction to Institutionalist Economics

The Discretionary Economy: A Normative Theory of Political Economy by Marc R. Tool (2000).

Introduction to African American Economics

African Americans in the U.S. Economy edited by Cecilia A. Conrad, John Whitehead, Patrick Mason, and James Stewart (2005).

Leading Issues in Black Political Economy edited by Thomas D. Boston (2002).

Introduction to Feminist Economics

Beyond Economic Man: Feminist Theory and Economics edited by Marianne A. Ferber and Julie A. Nelson (1993b). Second edition: Feminist Economics Today: Beyond Economic Man edited by Marianne A. Ferber and Julie A. Nelson (2003).

The Elgar Companion to Feminist Economics edited by Janice Peterson and Margaret Lewis (2001).

The Invisible Heart: Economics and Family Values by Nancy Folbre (2001).

Introduction to Post Keynesian Economics

Introduction to Post Keynesian Economics (2003) by Frederic S. Lee (available electronically from the author, For a more advanced discussion see Lee’s Post Keynesian Price Theory (1998).

A New Guide to post Keynesian Economics edited by Richard Holt and Steven Pressman (2001).

Alternative Principles of Economics by Stanley Bober (2001). (Intermediate level.)

Introduction to Marxist Economics

Marx's Capital by Ben Fine and Alfredo Saad-Filho (2004).

Introduction to Ecological Economics

Ecological Economics: Principles and Applications by Herman E. Daly and Joshua Farley (2004).

Introduction to Social Economics

Economics for the Common Good: Two Centuries of Social Economic Thought in the Humanistic Tradition by Mark A. Lutz (1999).

Teaching the Social Economics Way of Thinking: Selected Papers from the Ninth World Congress of Social Economics edited by Edward J. O’Boyle (1999).

More Advanced Discussions of Heterodox Critiques of and
Alternatives to Neoclassical Theory

Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor of the Social Sciences by Steve Keen (2002).

Foundations of Economics: A Beginner’s Companion by Yanis Varoufakis (1998).

“Frontier Issues in Economic Thought.”

This is a collection of six edited volumes by researchers associated with the Global Development and Environment Institute. Each volume contains about fifty to one hundred short summaries of key book chapters and journal articles presenting largely heterodox views of the volume’s topic area. The individual volume titles are: A Survey of Ecological Economics, The Consumer Society, Human Well-Being and Economic Goals, The Changing Nature of Work, The Political Economy of Inequality, and A Survey of Sustainable Development: Social and Economic Dimensions.