URPE ACTIVITIES: URPE at the Easterns, Call for Papers


11th Annual URPE at the Eastern Economics Association Annual Conference
February 23 – February 26, 2017
New York Sheraton Hotel at Times Square, New York City, NY

URPE members are invited to submit papers and organize entire sessions for this year's Eastern Economics Association Annual Conference to be held in New York City, NY on February 23-26, 2017 (see Eastern Economic Association conference website for more information).

(Full sessions consist of 4 papers. Panels often run only 3 papers, but 3 paper submissions will have a 4th paper added if either URPE receives a related single paper proposal, or if the EEA is short on rooms and asks us to try to make all panels 4 papers, like last year.)

In its eleventh year, URPE at the EEA is continuing to provide a forum for URPE members and economists across the heterodox spectrum to meet and engage each other and continue to develop the frontiers of radical economic theory.

The DEADLINE for single paper and complete (4-paper) panel proposals to URPE is November 15, 2016.

Please click here for a single paper submission.

Please click here for a complete session submission.

Please make all inquiries about submissions care of Julio Huato or Al Campbell at


Rules and Notes for submissions to URPE at EEA:

1. All presenters must be dues-paying URPE members by the time of the deadline (November 15, 2016). Please email urpe@urpe.org if youhave questions about membership.

2. URPE membership is not a requirement for discussants but is strongly encouraged.

3. For a proposal to be considered for acceptance it must clearly indicate the full names, email addresses, and institutional affiliations of the participants (including the discussants). The titles of the papers, detailed abstracts, and -- if available -- working drafts and/or completed papers, as well as suggested names for the sessions (in the case of complete panel proposals) must also be submitted.

4. Submit your proposal for participation in the URPE at EEA panels for a paper or panel to the links given in the call for papers above. Do not submit a proposal for a paper to the EEA. If you do the paper will get double listed, on the URPE@EEA panels and on another panel designated by the EEA.

5. Register for the conference at the EEA Web site. This is the second step listed there for submitting a paper proposal, and one can go directly to this second step without submitting a paper proposal to the EEA. The direct address for registering (or getting EEA membership) is http://eeaorg.myshopify.com/collections/conference-registration-and-event-tickets.

6.  Note membership in the EEA is not necessary, but like many groups, they give a lower conference rate registration rate to members to motivate conference presenters to join the EEA. It cost $60 more to register if not a member, and $65 for the standard membership with journal delivered on-line and $70 for print journal delivery (and less for graduate students or retired people).

7.  Note the conference registration fee is lower if you register with the EEA for the conference by the “early bird” conference registration deadline, but one can register (again, at a higher rate) any time up to and including on arrival at the conference (on site registration).