The URPE Listserve is a moderated, low-volume, announcement-only list, not an on-line discussion group. It is for use by URPE members to keep ourselves informed of the work and activities of other members, and political economy events that would be of interest to URPE members. Its address is urpe-announcements@lists.csbs.utah.edu. The Union for Radical Political Economics is an interdisciplinary association devoted to the study, development and application of radical political economic analysis to social problems. Any opinions expressed in messages and in the events they promote are those of the individual writers and speakers, not of URPE as an organization.


Because the URPE listserve is a low-volume, announcements-only listserve, messages will be kept to a minimum. The content of announcements must be strongly related to radical political economics, e.g. jobs, conferences, talks, classes, resources, etc.. Please submit messages exactly as you would like them to go out. Messages will go out in plain text. This listserv does not accept attachments.

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