The Great Transition: Setting the Stage for a Post-Capitalist Society
17-20th May 2018 at Universitie du Quebec Montreal, Quebec, Canada

After years of revolt and mobilization following the economic crisis of 2008, from Occupy Wall Street to Bernie Sanders, from the Maple Spring through Nuit Debout (and without forgetting the tragic backlash aimed at Syriza) to the complex evolution of the Pink Tide in Latin America and the democratic socialism of Rojava, the domination of the capitalist economy has been questioned on numerous occasions. In order to pass from multiple resistances to a convergent offensive, it seems imperative to elaborate a real project of transition out of capitalism, building on the critical knowledge produced both at the university and in social movements. For the conference The Great Transition: Setting the Stage for a Post-Capitalist Society we invite anyone — whether they are activists, trade unionists, active members of political parties, students, researchers or professors — to reflect on this question along one of our three general lines of inquiry: critiques of capitalism, anti-capitalist transition strategies and post-capitalist models.

This gathering will strengthen ties between academics and anti-capitalist activists, bridging Francophone and Anglophone milieus. It will also be a space for those who are less familiar with anti-capitalist ideas, but who are curious to discover them. Finally, this event will be an opportunity to nourish and strengthen activist networks and their struggles.

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