URPE 2017 Steering Committee Ballot

Please cast your ballot no later than June 15, 2017 11:59pm PST

Dear URPE Member:

Please complete the ballot below by selecting those candidates that you wish to have serve on the Steering Committee of the Union for Radical Political Economics.  There are five positions to fill this year- four regularly expiring vacancies (terms running Fall 2017- Fall 2020) and one to fill an early vacancy created by Matias Vernengo’s early resignation of his 3 year term in 2016. (The Steering Committee had appointed David Fields to fill that vacancy until we could have another election. David is currently running for election to fill the remainder of the term. If elected, his elected position will begin immediately and end in Fall of 2019.)

The highest number of votes will determine the outcome of the elections, separately, for both the 3 year terms and the special election to fill the vacant position (write in candidates are allowed).

You can view all candidates statements here.

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On-Line Voting


We need to separate the candidates in the following way (headers included):

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3 year terms (fall 2017-fall 2020)
Vote for no more than 4 (write-in candidates are allowed)

  Armagan Gezici
  Geoff Schneider
  Paul Cooney
  Jared Ragusett
2 year term to fill vacancy (created by Matias Vernengo’s resignation and effective immediately and through Fall 2019)
Vote for no more than 1 (write-in candidates are allowed)
  David Fields