Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce a new URPE initiative: online teaching workshops. These are based on the very successful workshops I have conducted at ASSA meetings and at various universities around the United States.

The first online teaching workshop, on Constructing a Teaching Philosophy and Portfolio, is now available for all URPE members (with a current and activated online account).  ( If you have trouble logging in, please email Steve at The workshop is designed to help graduate students and younger scholars prepare materials that could be used effectively in applying for a job (or preparing for a review) at a teaching oriented institution.

If this first workshop is successful, we plan to develop and add additional workshops on syllabus and course design, active learning, collaborative learning, models of pluralistic teaching, and more.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

In solidarity,

Geoff Schneider

Professor of Economics, Bucknell University

URPE Steering Committee Member

AFEE President-Elect

ICAPE Acting Executive Director 

Online Teaching Workshops

These workshops are available to URPE members only. Please click here to sign in and access them.