URPE at the Eastern Economics Association annual conference

Starting in 2014, RRPE annually publishes a selection of papers presented at the URPE Sessions at the Eastern Economic Association annual conference. Sample EEA papers include:

December 2016, 48(4), with papers by:
Erdogan Bakir and Al Campbell, “Kalecki and the Determinants of the Profit Rate in the United States”
Anirban Karak, “Neoliberalism and the Formation of the English Premier League: Insights from Social Structures of Accumulation Theory”
Mehmet Ufuk Tutan and Al Campbell, “Foreign Private Capital-Led Growth: The Recent Rise and Fall of Turkey”
Paddy Quick, “Modes of Production and Household Production”

December 2014, 46(4), with papers by:
Brigitte H. Bechtold, “Neoclassical Economics and Federal Policies: The Case of the Minimum Wage”
Zoe Sherman, “Pricing the Eyes of Passersby: The Commodification of Audience Attention in U.S. Public Spaces, 1890-1920”
Özgür Orhangazi, “Capital Flows and Credit Expansions in Turkey”