The URPE Listserve is a moderated, low-volume, announcement-only list, not an on-line discussion group. It is for use by URPE members to keep ourselves informed of the work and activities of other members, and political economy events that would be of interest to URPE members. Its address is urpe-announcements@lists.csbs.utah.edu

Any opinions expressed in messages and in the events they promote are those of the individual writers and speakers, not of URPE as an organization.

Because the URPE listserve is a low-volume, announcements-only listserve, messages will be kept to a minimum. The content of announcements must be strongly related to radical political economics, e.g. jobs, conferences, talks, classes, resources, etc..

URPE List serve posting guidelines:

1. Each person posting to the list serve needs to be a member in good standing of URPE. If you need to renew your membership, you can do so by contacting Steve Theberge at urpe@urpe.org.

2. The national office of URPE can post the following from non-members: job announcements, meeting announcements, call for papers, resource inquiries.

3. Book announcements are acceptable posts by members, however, article announcements and blog posts are not. People can choose to share those announcements on our facebook page or the URPE blog.

4. Please submit messages exactly as you would like them to go out. Messages will go out in plain text. This listserv does not accept attachments.

To submit a message, send it as an email to: urpe-announcements@lists.csbs.utah.edu. ATTACHMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. The entire message must be in the body of the email.

To reply to a single sender, click "Reply" to a posting that you have received.

To reply to the entire list, click "Reply All" to a posting that you have received. Please consider VERY carefully before sending your reply to the entire list.

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Please note that this list is coded to reflect the fact that there are a few geographical areas with a large number of URPE members, like NYC and Western Mass. When you subscribe, please let us know your city and state. This will allow you to avoid receiving messages intended only for specific locations.

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