In 2023, the 25th Annual David Gordon Memorial Lecture was delivered by Dr. Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, John Jay College-CUNY.

Dr. Linwood Tauheed, University of Missouri-Kansas City, served as Discussant. And Dr. Zhongjin Li, University of Missouri-Kansas City, served as Chair.

Friday, 6 January 2023, 12:15 p.m.–2:15 p.m. (EST)

TITLE: Black Political Economy, Solidarity Economics, and Liberation: Toward an Economy of Caring and Abundance

Abstract: Combining Black Political Economy and Solidarity Economy theories and practices provides alternative models for group development based on recognizing and developing internal (to the individual and to the community) capacities; and creating mechanisms that equitably produce, distribute, recycle, and multiply local expertise and capital within people-of-color, especially Black, communities; creating a solidarity economy of caring community for survival (successful social reproduction), sustainability, and liberation. The history of mutual aid, cooperative ownership, and economic democracy among African Americans demonstrates how economic cooperation and solidarity economics have enabled Blacks to address human needs, generate income, and at the same time be family and community friendly, in reaction to AntiBlackness and racial economic inequality. Cooperatives enable low-income residents, women, immigrants, and people of color (who often are without any avenue to gain income or assets) to provide affordable, quality goods and services in ecologically sustainable ways; and generate jobs, stabilize their communities, and accumulate some assets. The history of African American cooperative ownership demonstrates that Black Americans have been successful in creating and maintaining collective and cooperatively owned enterprises that often provided not only economic stability for members and their communities, but also developed many types of human and social capital, and developed community-wide wellbeing. Professor Gordon-Nembhard discusses how this helps us to define an economics of abundance—and explores possibilities for achieving economic liberation in the 21st century.


The David Gordon Memorial Lecture is an invited lecture presented annually at the Allied Social Science Association meetings by an economist whose work follows in the tradition of David Gordon’s contributions. Not all David Gordon Memorial Lectures have been published in the RRPE, but those that have been are listed here.

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