Special issue: “Climate Change and Capitalism” (downloadable pdf)

Special Issue Collective: *Ron Baiman, Benedictine University; *David Barkin, Metropolitan Autonomous University-Xochimilco; Jacob Blumenfeld, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg; Ying Chen, New School for Social Research; Steve Keen, University College London; *Kirstin Munro, New School for Social Research; Sirisha Naidu, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Bob Williams, Guilford College (*RRPE Editorial Board member)

EXTENDED Paper Submission Deadline: December 31, 2024

Climate change poses an existential threat to the flourishing of all life on earth. While addressing environmental crises has been an urgent task of the left for decades, there appears to be little agreement on either the root causes of climate catastrophe or the best approaches to mitigate environmental destruction.

As RRPE is a radical and pluralist journal, the Special Issue Collective is looking for manuscripts that provide a range of critical political economic perspectives on capitalism and the environment, as well as a range of methods, approaches, and geographic focuses. We would especially like to encourage submissions from climate activists, scholars in the Global South, early career researchers, and scholars from groups that have been historically excluded from academia.

Although any submission that provides critical political economic analysis of the topic from a class perspective is highly encouraged, the following is a list of possible subjects for the special issue:

  • Theoretical and empirical interventions into climate debates from critical Global South, Decolonial, Peasant, Indigenous, Feminist, Marxist, Anarchist, Political Ecology, Disability, Queer, or Critical Race perspectives (not mutually exclusive);
  • Historical or contemporary analyses of commons, enclosure, dispossession, expropriation, unequal ecological exchange, ecological imperialism, and/or the relationship between nature and capitalism;
  • Analyses of the role of technology in either mitigating or exacerbating climate change;
  • Analyses that provide monetary estimates of human and more-than-human environmental damage,
    and/or estimates of the costs of proposals to mitigate environmental damage;
  • Analyses of the “Green New Deal,” “green” finance/eco-investing, market-based solutions to climate
    change, and “green” capitalism in general;
  • Critiques of neoclassical/bourgeois economic analysis of climate change;
  • Analyses of the distinction between short and long-run policy prescriptions;
  • Analyses of both desirable and undesirable forms of adaptation to a warming world;
  • Presentation of alternative economic models from past and present that incorporate ecological,
    sustainable, and democratic metrics into their constitution;
  • Analyses of efforts to mainstream climate change into development frameworks;
  • Models of climate justice, environmental social movements, and anti-capitalist struggles and visions.

Please submit your manuscript to https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rrpe. When asked what “type” of manuscript you are submitting, please check the box that says, “Climate Change and Capitalism.” If you intend to submit a paper, or have questions, please contact Kirstin Munro as soon as possible at kirstin.munro@gmail.com.
All submissions will undergo RRPE’s regular peer review procedures and must not be under review with any other publication. Submissions must conform to the Instructions to Contributors posted on the RRPE website (https://journals.sagepub.com/author-instructions/RRP), or available from the Managing Editor (editor.rrpe@urpe.org).

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