URPE Panels at the 15th Annual URPE @ EEA

Eastern Economics Association Annual Conference
February 25 – 28, 2021
Sheraton Hotel New York, NY

(For more information about the whole conference itself see the Eastern Economic Association conference website

In its fifteenth year, URPE@EEA continues to provide a forum for URPE members and economists across the heterodox spectrum to meet and engage each other and continue to develop the frontiers of radical economic theory. URPE members are invited to submit entire organized sessions or individual papers to URPE for our URPE@EEA participation in this year’s 47th Eastern Economics Association Annual Conference.

Full organized sessions (including discussants if desired, but not required) are welcome and encouraged.

For individually submitted papers we target building sessions of 3 papers given the short sessions (1 hour 20 minutes), but for thematic coherence or other reasons some of our panels from individual papers will have 4 papers. Fully organized panels often have 4 papers because their tighter thematic coherence means more overlap which allows shorter presentations and questions to cover them all well.

November 4, 2020

Contrary to what was sent out before, this year BOTH registration (as has been done in the past) AND proposed papers or panels (this is new this year) for the URPE@EEA sessions will be done through the EEA Web site. Note that this will have the advantage that simultaneous bookings can not only be avoided for people presenting twice in URPE sessions as we have always done, but also simultaneous bookings can be avoided for people who give a paper in an URPE session and another in a non-URPE session, which we could never monitor before.

The EEA site was open for submissions of proposals for papers or panels for the URPE@EEA sessions as of late October. (The EEA site will be closed for proposals sometime in December – we will notify all URPE members once we have that date.) (The EEA site will be opened for registration for the conference sometime in December. We will notify all URPE members once we have that date.)

To submit a proposal for a paper or panel you need to be signed up to the EEA submission system. Those of you who have registered for the EEA conference in the past should have an account. Those that do not will be instructed on the simple procedure of setting one up, and then be able to submit their proposal.

To submit a proposal, you can start by going to the EEA home page and going through a few steps, but the third of those steps will take you to where you enter the EEA submissions system, so you can go there directly at You will enter your email and it will check to see if you are in the system. If you are it will say so and ask for your password – enter that and proceed. If you are not you will need to first set up an account in this system, and then proceed.

You will proceed to the Member Management Portal page. In the left column click on “Submit a Paper, Poster or Session,” then click on “Enter Submission System,” and then submit your proposal.

IMPORTANT (and extremely clearly presented on the site): As soon as you select that you will submit a paper, the next question will have you choose one of four options of “Submission type,” and you will select “I want to submit to the URPE sessions,” and then proceeded through the rest of the steps, so your proposed paper will be directed to our sessions. Analogous steps will unfold if you are proposing a panel, with slightly different wording.

Note that the form requires that for panels you submit four papers. As discussed above, the sessions are 1 hour and 20 minutes long, so given a focused panel papers 4 papers is reasonable. But given how short the sessions are, URPE has always been content with 3 papers on a panel (as we target for panels we compose of individually submitted papers). Three papers is possible for submitting a panel – if you have only 3 then for now submit some dummy paper and person (and send me an email explaining this), and I will figure out how to deal with this with them.

See the full 2020 program of URPE@EEA in Boston.

Please make all inquiries about submissions to Al Campbell at


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