I’m testing the Excerpt or Teaser function of the blog.  And to do so, I’ll make a note about how the U.S. media, government, and other factic powers seem to enjoy dealing with the tragedy in Haiti as a charity case.   The hypocrisy is palpable.  When they take the initiative to “give” to a people afflicted by a disaster, they are in control.  Leave aside the fact that the U.S. has virtually occupied Haiti militarily under the guise of emergency assistance.   Or the State Department initiative to tell Haiti how to re-organize its public affairs.   Just think of what their reaction would be if the people of Haiti had the initiative instead, if they were raising up on their own volition to reclaim their resources, their land, and their right to organize their affairs in accordance with their own interest and desires.  In fact, there’s no need to speculate what their reaction would be: look at how the U.S. powers look at Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, or Cuba.
If this has more that 55 words, it should help as a test…

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