URPE Panels at the 18th Annual URPE @ EEA (Eastern Economics Association) Annual Conference
Thursday February 29 – Sunday March 3, 2024

Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston

(Note – URPE program panels are only Friday starting at 8, am to Sunday)

URPE members are invited to submit entire organized sessions or individual papers to URPE for our participation in this year’s 50th Eastern Economics Association Annual Conference to be held in Boston February 29 – March 3, 2024.  (see Eastern Economic Association conference website https://www.ramapo.edu/eea/ for more information). In its eighteenth year, URPE @ EEA is continuing to provide a forum for URPE members and economists across the heterodox spectrum to meet and engage with each other, and continue to develop the frontiers of radical economic theory.


URPE targets building sessions of 3 papers given the short sessions (1 hour 20 minutes), but they can be 4. (Proposals for sessions with 3 can have a 4th added if URPE receives a related single paper proposal that fits there and nowhere else, but again we aim for 3.)

Given their short length, panels that URPE builds out of individual papers do not have discussants, in order to maximize time available for discussion by the audience. However, proposals for fully formed panels may have discussants and/or chairs different from the presenters, if those who are organizing such panels feel that would benefit the work being presented and discussed.

The DEADLINE for single paper and complete panel proposals TO URPE for presentation in the URPE panels at the Easterns is November 15, 2023.

Submissions for panels or individual papers to the URPE panels will be made through the portal for the conference at https://www.meetingsavvy.org/eea.

Please make all inquiries about submissions to Al Campbell at al@economics.utah.edu.

Rules and Notes for submissions to URPE @ EEA:

1. All presenters must be dues-paying URPE members by the time of the deadline (November 15, 2023). Please email urpe@urpe.org if you have questions about membership.

2. URPE membership is not a requirement for discussants or chairs not presenting, but we do encourage people submitting panels with such people included to encourage them to join URPE, as part of building URPE so that we are here in the future to continue organizing the development dissemination of radical political economy.

3. Detailed instructions for registering through the portal are given below. Be sure to follow them for your proposal for your panel or paper to be sent to the URPE coordinator to put on an URPE panel. If you propose to the general EEA then URPE will not know you are applying, and so you will be put onto a general EEA panel and not onto an URPE panel.


(It appears, and in talking with the EEA I have been informed, that proposal system is opening exactly as last year, and so these detailed instructions should work as they did then. If you run into nay problems with the system for proposals please inform Al Campbell immediately so that he can talk with the EEA and straighten out any glitches that could have arisen this year (again, hopefully and expectedly there will not be any.)

Step-by-step Mechanics of the Procedure for Submitting a Proposal for a Paper or Panel

1) Go to the portal for the conference at https://www.meetingsavvy.org/eea. It will ask for your email. Put that in and advance, and it will ask for your Password (for the Eastern Economics Association). If you have been to a pastURPE@Easterns Conference or in general are a member of the EEA you will have one (though you may have lost it), put it in and advance. If you never had one or lost it, follow the link for people making a first visit to the EEA and you will get a password and then return to here and proceed. Advance and you come to the Member Management Portal.

2) Before you can submit a paper or panel you must register to submit a paper. Because of the way URPE has participated in the Easterns over many years, we can register to submit a paper or panel for free, but we must first register for the conference. In the column at the left click on “Membership/Registration/Donation”. A page with a box “Membership” and a box “Registration/Other Items” opens. Most of you will register for the conference with the item “URPE Registration 2023” for $185. (Note you could go for “non-Member Registration 2023 but it would cost $10 more and not give you EEA membership and access to their journal electronically, or you could buy an EEA regular membership of $60 and then register by “Member Registration 2023” but that also costs $195 (plus they need pay to submit a paper $35 or $55 more which we do not, as indicated below)). If you are a graduate student you will instead use the item 2023 Graduate Student Meeting Registration for $115 (which does not yet say but it also makes you an EEA member like the URPE conference registration, but I am told by the EEA it does and they will fix that labeling soon) (if you are an undergraduate write to me as I cannot yet find out exactly how that work, but I will soon)

3) This next step is non-obvious. To submit a paper or panel to URPE (or anywhere) you need have a credit for submitting a paper (actually I think you do NOT need a credit to submit a panel as all panels are free, but go ahead and get one anyway as I have not tested all alternatives). Click on the add to cart button for “URPE Submission Fee 2022 Conference” (fee is $0 as stated), then proceed to “checkout” and “pay” for it – you will get a receipt in your email for your payment of $0. You need have the credit from purchasing this to be able to submit a paper or session (again, probably really only needed to submit a paper, not for a session). If you try to submit a paper or panel without doing this a panel will open as you try to do so saying that you do not have credits enough to submit a paper and you will likely not know what it is talking about.

4) Now go back again on the column on the left and click on “Submit a Paper or Session”. (A panel over the page that opens will tell you that to submit a regular EEA paper you need purchase a submission credit on the EEA portal – see last point, discussed there). Now across the page it will say that you have 1 submission credit and have used 0.

5) If you start to submit a paper or a panel and abort before completing it (ignore this paragraph if you have not done this), it still may have used up your submission credit. If you do that and return to this submission page it will then say that you have 1 submission credit and have used 1, and so you cannot submit. So then return to “buy” another URPE credit for $0 – when you then come back to this submission page it will say that you have 2 submission credits and have used 1, so it will let you submit a paper or panel (also, if it does this that means that it registered a title, so when you resubmit delete the previous title if it is incorrect).

6) So, you are on a page with two possibilities under the “Submissions” tab, “Papers” or “Organized Sessions”.

7) Here consider you want to submit a paper. This is quite straight forward, with one more specific thing to do and one thing to clarify. Put in the title as it asks, then one important thing to do, under “Submission Type” hit the pull-down arrow and select “URPE Submission”. Then a thing to clarity – it asks for “Keywords” but it really requires you pick one of the broad JEL categorization A to Z to be able to proceed and not a keyword, and it really does not matter at all which one you pick – it will appear in the summary of information that you look at but it does nothing. Upload an abstract (pdf). Go to next page, add author (or several) and presenting author. Go to next page, look at summary, and then edit or finish.

8) To submit a session choose the option “Organize Sessions” green cross (“Add New”) when are at step 6 above. On first page put in panel titles and Description and AV needs and schedule requests.  Now the all important “Session Type”, select “Organized Session Proposed for URPE”. Like 7, where this page says “Keywords” select any of the broad JEL codes offered, this does not mater, but need do it to proceed. Hit next. On this page put in the Organizers, and the chair and discussant if you want to, you can leave those empty if you do not have people assigned for those.

Hit “next” and go to the next page summary. At bottom of the page you can go back and edit, or add a new presenter and presentation (it is a session, or panel), or click Finished. Of course you need to add a presenter – if you did hit this “Fished” it would end and show you the thing even though it had no presenters yet, but if there you can click on the edit symbol and go back and add presenters if you accidently forgot to add presenters and clicked on Finish.

So hit the Add New Presentations/Presenters button. Fill in the page with title and Keywords and upload an abstract and hit Next to go to the next page. Add authors and select which will present and hit next.

You get a summary page but here is a point of confusion, You can go back and edit any errors, that is clear. But you only have one presenter entered so far and you have 3, and at the bottom this does not give the option “add another presenter” again, just Finish. But THIS FINISH DOES NOT FINISH YOU SUBMISSION as the last finish did. To the contrary, this finish takes you to that summary page again, you can review every input, and NOW you have the option of adding a new presenter again (and the Finish on THIS page does close the submission process, though on the page once closed you an select the edit icon and go back in as described above).

That should do it – again contact me at al@economics.utah.edu if you have any questions.


(Reproduction of the Call by the EEA for the whole conference sent out September 19 for anyone who did not get that.)

CALL FOR PAPERS – 2024 Eastern Economic Association Annual Meetings


Thursday, February 29, 2024 to Sunday, March 3, 2024 Sheraton Boston Hotel


The EEA announces the call for papers for the 2024 meetings. Papers in all topic areas of economics and business are accepted. Individual papers as well as full organized sessions are accepted, with submission fees waived for full sessions consisting of at least three papers. Additionally, papers of some allied groups are also accepted through our portal.


Important Information:

Submissions Link: https://www.meetingsavvy.org/eea Early Submissions Deadline: October 15, 2023 General Submissions Deadline: November 15, 2023 Organized Session Deadline: November 15, 2023 Allied Groups Deadline for session Counts: December 1, 2023


Please note: IPE sessions can be submitted through the EEA portal and will be managed as usual by Steve Deloach.

Submissionns for groups such as IPE, URPE, CSWEP, and the rest are also handled through the portal.


Acceptances/Rejections: Jan 5, 2024

Hotel Deadline: Jan 30, 2024


Any questions, please email me at aolbrech@ramapo.edu.


Alex Olbrecht

Executive Director, EEA




2025 Sheraton Times Square, New York, NY

2026 Hilton La Romana, Punta Cana, DR

2027 Sheraton Times Square, New York, NY

2028 Boston Sheraton, Boston MA

2029 Sheraton Times Square, New York, NY

2030 Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor, MD



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