Founded in 1968, The Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE) is an interdisciplinary membership organization of academics and of activists. Its mission is to promote the study, development and application of radical political economic analysis to social problems. Concretely this involves a continuing critique of both the capitalist system, and of all forms of exploitation and oppression. URPE’s mission also includes, coming out of this critique, helping to construct a progressive social policy, and a human-centered radical alternative to capitalism.

URPE is a membership organization of thinker s and doers. We are a unique mixture of the  theoretical and the practical, the academic and the activist.

We are an international, interdisciplinary association. Our members come from a wide range of theoretical traditions and engage in many different forms of political activity. We provide a supportive environment for students, teachers and practitioners of radical political economics.

We don’t just pontificate, we act. We break through the illusions created by traditional economists to expose the injustice and inhumanity inherent in the current economic system. We provide a radical analysis of political and economic events.  Armed with this knowledge, we join in the fight for social justice and the construction of social, political, and economic alternatives.

URPE believes that a combination of activists equipped with solid facts and sound theoretical tools and intellectuals who use their skills to address the needs of those activists will have a profound impact on the struggle for an equitable world.

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