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Economists for Palestine

November 8, 2023 - November 8, 2024

Economists for Palestine

We stand in unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people. Since October 7th, 2023, over two million people have faced a brutal onslaught by the Israeli military and state. They have been forced to flee with nowhere to go as homes, shelters, evacuation routes, border crossings, hospitals, places of worship and entire neighborhoods have been bombed.

We mourn civilian deaths in both Israel and Palestine. Israel’s retaliation for the October 7th incursion continues, however, and over 9,000 Palestinians have been killed in the ongoing assault so far.  More than 8,000 people have been killed in three weeks in Palestine. The estimated number of children among the casualties is over 3,000 and UNICEF estimates that about 420 children have been killed or wounded daily. Even reporters have been threatened with violence or killed.

Since the Nakba 75 years ago, the Palestinian people have endured profound suffering, forced displacement, and a brutal 16-year-long inhumane siege and blockade in Gaza. Human rights organizations have characterized Gaza as ‘the largest open-air prison’.

We also condemn the role of the U.S. state in supporting the ongoing siege in Palestine, its support for the horrors inflicted on Gaza, and its refusal to support a humanitarian ceasefire. It is imperative that we do not turn our backs on the devastating impact of this violence on people’s lives. The fight for Palestinian liberation and a fair, enduring peace in the region is intricately linked with the liberation and resistance efforts spearheaded by indigenous, colonized, and oppressed communities historically and worldwide.

We stand in support of efforts by the Palestinian people to sustain themselves economically through control over their land and their labor. We stand in solidarity with the anti-Zionist Jewish communities that have been raising their voices against the carpet bombing of Gaza, for the liberation of the Palestinian people, and who are working for a just, equitable, and durable peace.

We urgently call for:

(1)    An immediate ceasefire

(2)    Immediate restoration of food, fuel, water, and electricity to the Gaza Strip

(3)    Cessation of all settlement activity and disarmament of all settlers

(4)    Immediate delivery of humanitarian aid on the scale required

(5)    Respect towards the Geneva Conventions by all parties concerned

(6)    An end to apartheid and strident moves toward a democratic future for all people regardless of race, religion, gender identity and nationality

In addition, we strongly uphold the principle of academic freedom, especially in light of the current global climate where individuals in educational institutions worldwide face termination, doxing, and harassment for speaking up against the atrocities of the Israeli state and in support of the civilian population in Gaza. Neglecting this commitment would be a betrayal of our scholarly and moral obligations.

In Solidarity,

The Steering Committee of the Union for Radical Political Economics


November 8, 2023
November 8, 2024

Conference to Celebrate the Life and Work of Jim Crotty

Friday, September 22 and Saturday, September 23, 2023


Crotty Hall and Gordon Hall

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Amherst, MA


Sponsored by PERI, The UMass Amherst Dept. of Economics, and Review of Radical Political Economics (RRPE)




July 13, 2023


As a follow up to our “Save the Date” announcement in May, we are now sending you important logistical information about the upcoming memorial conference in honor of Jim Crotty, this coming September 22 and 23 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Here we have a tentative schedule for the conference, important deadlines and information about registration for the event, and information about transportation and lodging, etc. that we hope will be helpful to you. We are very much looking forward to seeing many of you in September.


Conference Schedule and Venue:


The conference will be held for two full days, Friday September 22 and Saturday September 23, at Crotty and Gordon Halls, UMass, Amherst.


On Friday morning, there will be two sessions in which authors will present papers prepared for a special issue of the RRPE in honor of Jim.


Friday afternoon will be a time for remembering and reminiscing. People will have an opportunity to present remarks about Jim and their own experiences with him as a friend, teacher and mentor.


On Saturday, we will have additional sessions with panels for those who have submitted papers on topics related to Jim’s work.


Conference Modes:


Friday’s sessions will be HYBRID with a remote option available. But Saturday’s sessions (paper presentations and discussions) will ONLY be available ONSITE.


Meals, Housing and Transportation



Breakfast and lunch will be provided by PERI and held in Gordon Hall on Friday and Saturday, and we will host a reception on Friday afternoon /evening at Crotty Hall. PERI will also have a dinner for all attendees on Friday night at a venue to be determined. The conference will end late Saturday afternoon.



Participants will be responsible for booking/paying for their own housing for the conference. At the end of this message, we provide a list of motels and hotels in the area. Unfortunately, there is a conference being held at the UMass Hotel/Conference Center during that weekend so there may not be any rooms available there. But as you can see from the list, there are many other options in the area.



Participants are responsible for paying for/providing their own transportation to and from Amherst.


  • By Plane: Bradley (BDL), located between Hartford and Springfield is the closest airport.
  • Train: The closest Amtrak train stop is in Northampton, MA.
  • Bus: Peter Pan Bus has stops in Amherst.
  • By Car: If you are planning to bring a car and will be parking near the Gordon Hall/Crotty Hall complex for the conference, please let Nicole Dunham know so we can arrange for parking passes/information: ndunham@umass.edu.



Important Deadlines:


Paper Proposals: If you would like to present a paper on Saturday, please let us know with a title and abstract NO LATER than August 15. This paper presentation option is ONLY available if you are planning to attend the conference IN PERSON.


Conference Registration Deadline: September 1.  It is necessary for you to register for the conference, so we know who and how many people are attending.


So please fill out and send in this form  to Nicole Dunham ndunham@umass.edu by September 1st at the latest.




For the RRPE papers being presented on Friday, it is important that you send in your PowerPoint presentations (if you are using them) by September 8. Unfortunately, we cannot accept a PDF format.

We very much hope many of you will come to celebrate Jim’s life and work. It will be wonderful to see you.

All the best,


Jerry Epstein, Bob Pollin, and Don Goldstein


Local Hotel Information


Lodging Options Contact Location Distance from UMass
Hotel UMass 877-822-2110 Amherst, MA 0.0 mi.
Inn on Boltwood 413-256-8200 Amherst, MA 1.5 mi.
Courtyard by Marriott Hadley Amherst 413-256-5454 Hadley, MA 3.6 mi.
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Amherst Hadley 413-586-0114 Hadley, MA 3.7 mi.
Homewood Suites by Hilton Hadley Amherst 413-387-0583 Hadley, MA 3.7 mi.
Holiday Inn Express and Suites Amherst-Hadley 888-465-4329 Hadley, MA 3.8 mi.
Hampton Inn Hadley-Amherst Area 413-586-8619 Hadley, MA 7.9 mi.
The Hotel Northampton 800-547-3529 Hadley, MA 9.1 mi.
Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Springfield Northampton/Amherst 413-587-9800 Northampton, MA 10.7 mi.



September 22, 2023<br />8:00 am EDT
September 23, 2023<br />5:00 pm EDT

The 2023 Steering Committee election is now open. Click here to vote!

There are three open positions on the Steering Committee and five candidates running for these open positions. Please vote for up to three candidates. Those (re)elected to the Steering Committee will serve a three-year term, starting Fall 2023 until Fall 2026. Online voting is open from June 30th to July 15th 2023.

Candidates Bios and Statements

Hannah Archambault 

Fresno State  

Hannah Archambault is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Fresno State, and taught at UMass throughout her graduate education. She received her PhD from UMass Amherst in 2022 and her MA from The New School in 2010, both in Economics. In addition to her teaching and publications, she has also worked as an analyst for the New York City Office of Management and Budget, in the music industry, and as a full time in-home paid caregiver.

I have observed and been engaged with the activities of the Union for Radical Political Economy for many of the last 15 years. I have presented at URPE sessions at the EEAs and ASSAs, and I work closely with other members of the organization in many capacities. URPE is my direct community in my field—the people that I interact with professionally, rely on for support and feedback on my teaching and research, and critically engage with in scholarly matters. I benefit extensively from the organization, so I would like to participate in its governance as a member of the URPE Steering Committee. I am interested in supporting both other early career scholars and promoting and appreciating the role of URPE and RRPE as foundational in the field of radical political economy for over 50 years. As an early career scholar, I value the potential opportunity to contribute to the governance and administration of an organization that has been and continues be a locus of incisive critique by joining the Steering Committee.

Paul Cooney

City College /CUNY

Paul Cooney is a political economist, who received his PhD. from the New School for Social Research in 1990, after obtaining his MS in Chemical Engineering from the State University of Buffalo in 1982. From 2006-2014 he was an associate professor at the Universidade Federal do Pará in the Brazilian Amazon. From 2014-2019 he was a professor at the Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento in Argentina. He was a professor in the Economics Department at the Catholic University of Quito from 2019 to 2022 and currently is a professor at the City College of New York. His current research topics are ecological economics, including entropy, thermodynamics and economics, deindustrialization and reprimarization in Argentina and Brazil during recent decades and also the current world crisis, neoliberal globalization in Latin America, and environmental impacts of reprimarization. In addition to being a member of the URPE Steering Committee, he is also on the editorial board of the following journals: Research in Political Economy, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, and Revista Ensayos de Economía.

I am standing for reelection to continue serving on the URPE steering committee for another term. I have been a member of URPE since the early 1990s. I also served as a member of the Steering Committee from 2001-2004, and in my second stint have been on the Steering Committee since 2011. Though no longer Treasurer I am still continuing as a member of the Finance Committee.

In terms of my background, I obtained my PhD in Economics from the New School for Social Research in 1989, after doing my Masters in Chemical Engineering at SUNY @ Buffalo in 1982. I was an associate professor of Economics from 2006-2014, in the Post-Graduate Program in Economics (PPGE) in the Amazon of Brazil, UFPA- Universidade Federal do Pará. I then worked for 6 years in Buenos Aires at the Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento from 2014-2019. From the Fall semester of 2019 until July 2022, I was an associate professor in Quito at the Catholic University (PUCE) and also teaching courses at FLACSO. I am currently a professor at City College of New York/CUNY.

Much of my research over the years has focused on Latin America and the impacts of neoliberalism, in terms of social and environmental impacts. A year ago, I published a book on the trajectories of deindustrialization and reprimarization in Argentina and Brazil and their social and environmental impacts in recent decades: Paths of Development in the Southern Cone (Palgrave, 2021). A second area of research is in the field of ecological economics, discussing the relationship between economics and thermodynamics and beginning work on a book comparing environmental economics, ecological economics and political ecology.

As I have now returned to the United States, I would like to continue working on the SC, especially on several of our current projects I am involved with, such as the URPE Reader on the Political Economy of the Environment, working with the Finance Committee, working to reestablish URPE’s presence in the Left Forum in New York and lastly working to maintain and strengthen URPE’s links with other heterodox political economy organizations in Latin America, such as SEP (Sociedade Brasileira de Economia Política) in Brazil and the SEC (Sociedad de Economía Crítica) in Argentina.

Nina Eichacker

University of Rhode Island   

Nina Eichacker has been an assistant professor of economics at the University of Rhode Island since 2017, where she teaches classes in macroeconomics, money and finance, and globalization, advises students, and sits on the steering committee of the International Studies and Diplomacy major. She earned her PhD in Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 2014. Prior to her current appointment, she was a lecturer in economics at Bentley University, in Waltham, MA (2013-2017).

Much of my work has focused on the intersection of political and economic power, and how particular economic ideas have shaped economic policies have tended to favor financial and nonfinancial firms over households; URPE and its members have been a constant presence in developing the ideas that guide my research. I have published work predominantly focused on Post-Keynesian economic theory, the consequences of financial liberalization and crisis and the interaction between fiscal and monetary policy, especially in the context of asymmetric power relations, in journals including the Review of Political Economy, the International Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of Economic Issues, and PSL Quarterly. My work in progress examines the intersection of monetary, fiscal, industrial, and regulatory policy, as well as establishing how policy makers educate themselves on economic issues, in order to understand how radical economists may increase their influence in guiding current political and economic outcome.

Jared Ragusett

Central Connecticut State University 

Dr. Jared Ragusett is an associate professor and department chair at Central Connecticut State University, where he has taught since 2010.  He earned his PhD in economics from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst in 2012.  Dr. Ragusett teaches courses in political economy, Marxian economics, and the history of economic thought.  His research interests include the effects of the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession on historically underrepresented groups, the evolution of neoliberal capitalism, heterodox approaches to the teaching of economics, as well as heterodox approaches to urban economics.  He has presented his work to URPE audiences at the EEA and ASSA, and published in American Review of Political Economy and Review of Radical Political Economics, among others.  In addition to his academic work, he has consulted for the Connecticut AFL – CIO.

I would be honored to serve another term on the URPE Steering Committee.  My specialty interests and university leadership have been assets to the organization, and I would like to continue the critical work of promoting radical political economics.  During my last term, I served as URPE President, and co-coordinator of the URPE at the ASSA program.  I am also a member of the URPE Coordinating Committee, and work closely with URPE’s National Office Coordinator (Steve Theberge).  URPE faces several complex issues and struggles in the years ahead, and I look forward to moving the organization in a new direction.

Ramya Vijaya 

Stockton University of NJ     

Ramya Vijaya is a Professor of Economics at Stockton University, New Jersey. She received her Ph.D. from American University with a focus on feminist political economy. She is also a former Fulbright fellow and works on issues of political economy both in the global south and the global north

I have been a member of URPE off and on since my graduate school days at American University and have benefitted from being part of this network. My training and work is firmly rooted in heterodox political economy. I have published my work in RRPE and other allied heterodox network journals like Feminist Economics and Forum for Social Economics. My work spans issues relevant to both the global south and north. I think this is a valuable perspective I can bring to the steering committee to ensure broader representation of scholars and scholarship of relevance globally.  I have also developed a considerable portfolio of public facing scholarships with pieces in several news portal. This could be useful in generating more visibility for issues of concern for URPE. Though I have not been active in URPE committees in the past, due to some time constraints, I think I can bring some useful fresh perspectives and ways to increase visibility and reach out to newer scholars.






June 30, 2023<br />8:00 am EDT
July 15, 2023<br />11:59 pm EDT

Call for Papers – URPE at ASSA 2024

January 5 – 7, 2024

San Antonio, TX – Marriott

Every January URPE sponsors a series of panels at the Allied Social Science Associations meeting to provide a venue for the presentation and discussion of current research in heterodox economics.  In addition, each year the RRPE publishes a selection from the papers presented in a Proceedings Issue.  All presenters at URPE sessions must be URPE members in good standing.

Click here to update your account or join URPE.

Click here to submit an individual paper submission.

Click here to submit a complete session proposal.

URPE invites proposals for complete sessions and individual papers for the URPE at the ASSA’s program.  We welcome submissions on topics of interest to radical political economists from a wide variety of theoretical perspectives.  The deadline for proposed sessions and papers is May 15th, 2023.

Guidelines for Complete Sessions

Proposals for complete sessions should include the following information:

  • Session title
  • A brief abstract of each paper (limited to 250 words)
  • Two JEL bibliographic codes for the proposed panel
  • The names, institutional affiliations, and email addresses of all session participants

Proposals for sessions should contain four papers.  Session organizers are responsible for conveying administrative information to session members, including confirmation that the session has been accepted, the time and location of the session, and the deadlines for distributing papers.

The total number of URPE sessions is limited by the ASSA, and we regret that high-quality session proposals may have to be turned down.  Chairs and discussants should preferably be chosen amongst the panelists.  External discussants and chairs, as well as co-authors, will be not listed on the ASSA program.  However, they will be listed on an URPE program on the URPE website.  The ASSA allocation of sessions is based upon the number of people attending sessions, and the ASSA does not consider chairs, discussants, co-authors, and panelists as attendees.  Thus, we welcome the participation of those who would like to serve as external discussants or chairs, but will not include their names in our submission to the ASSA.

Guidelines for Individual Papers

  • Proposals for individual papers should include the following information:
  • Paper title
  • Abstract (limited to 250 words)
  • Two JEL bibliographic codes for the paper
  • Author’s name, institutional affiliation, and email address

Individual papers that are accepted will be assigned to sessions, and each session will have an assigned chair.  Session chairs are responsible for conveying administrative information to session members, including the time and location of the session, and the deadlines for distributing papers.  We regret that high quality individual papers may be turned down due to the inability to place them in a session with papers with similar themes.

Proposals submitted after the May 15th deadline will not be considered.  You should receive word from URPE about the decision on your session or paper in late June.  The date and time of sessions are assigned by the AEA at the end of August.

Papers and panels that cannot be included on the URPE at ASSA program will automatically be considered for the ICAPE (International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics) conference that immediately precedes the ASSA conference.  The ICAPE conference will take place on January 4, 2024 at St. Mary’s University in San AntonioThe ICAPE conference will also include a virtual component that will take place following the ASSA conference on January 12, 2024.

Please note that all session participants must be a current member of URPE at the time of submission of the session or paper proposal.  Anyone not current with their dues will be notified, after which proposals will be deleted if membership is not made current.  Membership information is available by clicking here.

Applications for individual papers should be made to URPE@ASSA Individual Paper Proposals, or for complete session submissions to URPE@ASSA Complete Session Proposals.

If you have questions or problems with the online submission, please contact email the URPE National Office.  For questions about the meetings, please contact the URPE at ASSA coordinators, Mona Ali and Jared Ragusett.  See the American Economic Association website for general logistical information about the conference, and our past programs page for more information on sessions at the conference.


January 5, 2024<br />8:00 am EST
January 7, 2024<br />5:00 pm EST

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