URPE at the Eastern Economics Association annual conference

Starting in 2014, RRPE annually publishes a selection of papers presented at the URPE Sessions at the Eastern Economic Association annual conference. Sample EEA papers include:

December 2019, 51(4), with papers by:
Tim Koechlin, “Whitewashing Capitalism: Mainstream Economics’ Resounding Silence on Race and Racism”
Laurence Alan Krause, “Walter Bagehot’s Lombard Street: An Interpretation”

December 2018, 50(4), with papers by:
Jennifer Cohen, “What’s ‘Radical’ about [Feminist] Radical Political Economy?”
Snehashish Bhattacharya and Surbhi Kesar, “Possibilities of Transformation: The Informal Sector in India”

December 2017, 49(4), with papers by:
Laurence Krause, “Marx on the Mid-nineteenth-Century Gold Standard”
Kirstin Munro and Chris O’Kane, “Autonomy and Creativity in the Artisan Economy and the New Spirit of Capitalism
Zhun Xu, “The Development of Capitalist Agriculture in China”
Kurt von Seekamm, Jr., “A Note on the Modeling of Rent Seeking”
Lopamudra Banerjee, “Social Class and Disaster Exposure”

December 2016, 48(4), with papers by:
Erdogan Bakir and Al Campbell, “Kalecki and the Determinants of the Profit Rate in the United States”
Anirban Karak, “Neoliberalism and the Formation of the English Premier League: Insights from Social Structures of Accumulation Theory”
Mehmet Ufuk Tutan and Al Campbell, “Foreign Private Capital-Led Growth: The Recent Rise and Fall of Turkey”
Paddy Quick, “Modes of Production and Household Production”

December 2014, 46(4), with papers by:
Brigitte H. Bechtold, “Neoclassical Economics and Federal Policies: The Case of the Minimum Wage”
Zoe Sherman, “Pricing the Eyes of Passersby: The Commodification of Audience Attention in U.S. Public Spaces, 1890–1920”
Özgür Orhangazi, “Capital Flows and Credit Expansions in Turkey”

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