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Dear URPE Member,

We would like to invite you to participate in the work of URPE as an organization by becoming a founding member of the URPE Sustainer Program. As URPE enters into its second half-century of work, the need for the development and dissemination of a radical political economic understanding of the challenges that we face, both nationally and internationally, is greater than ever before. URPE has a proud history of bringing together people who can contribute to this, and many people have benefited from the contribution that URPE has been able to make to this work.

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URPE’s main source of revenue comes from the publication of its journal, the Review of Radical Political Economics, a journal whose reputation has grown over the years and is well-respected within and beyond the academic world. But changes in the publishing world have led to serious reductions in the revenue that Sage, the journal’s publisher, provides to URPE. URPE must depend now on its members for the funds needed to continue its work.

This work includes, in addition to the journal, the organization of URPE panels at academic conferences, including the Association of Allied Social Sciences (ASSA), and the Eastern Economic Association (EEA), that provide for the presentation of the work of its members and for their interaction with the “non-radical” members of the economics profession. More generally, it promotes interaction between its members and support for the work that they do both within and outside of academia. An annual URPE Graduate Fellowship supports the development of new radical political economic scholars.

The Sustainer program offers URPE members an opportunity to acknowledge the role that URPE has played and continues to play in their own lives, and thereby encourage others to join with them in the work of the organization. To become a Sustainer we ask you to commit to making a recurring monthly donation of $25 or more.

Your much-needed contribution to URPE will be recognized by the inclusion of your name on the list of Sustainers on the URPE website. (You may opt out of having your name included in this list by checking the “opt out” box when you sign on.) To be a founding member of the Sustainer program, please make your contribution before December 1, 2023.

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