An author whose paper is rejected by an RRPE review panel may choose to appeal the decision by writing to the Managing Editor ( and explaining clearly the facts and logic on which the appeal is based. To be successful, an appeal needs to offer clear evidence that the review panel has overlooked or misinterpreted key facts or made significant technical or procedural errors. Describing the decision as unfair by itself will not likely constitute a successful appeal.

The Managing Editor decides how to consider an appeal after reviewing the basis for the review panel’s decision; this process may or may not include consulting the Editorial Coordinator, the rest of the review panel, other Editorial Board members, or one or more additional reviewers.

Since such appeals are rarely granted, the author should carefully consider whether it is worthwhile to appeal. This is because while an appeal is underway, the paper cannot be submitted for publication elsewhere.

Papers declined without external review through a desk rejection are not eligible for author appeal.

This RRPE Author Appeal Policy is in line with SAGE’s general author appeals policy.

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