“URPE at the ASSAs: The Proceedings Issue”

Each year, RRPE publishes a selection of papers presented at the URPE Sessions at the Allied Social Science Association annual conference. All URPE@ASSA submissions are anonymously peer reviewed. Sample past issues of the “URPE at the ASSAs: The Proceedings Issue” include:

December 2023, 55(4), with papers by:
Ilene Grabel, “The War in Ukraine and the End of the American Financial Order?”
Ann E. Davis, “Ukraine War: Policy Miscalculations or Contradictions of Capitalism?”
David M. Kotz, “Imperialism and the Ukraine War”
Carlo D’Ippoliti and Francesco Linguanti, “Inequality, Consumption Emulation, and Growth”
Carlos Alberto Duque Garcia, “Dynamics of Employment and Accumulation of Capital in Colombia, 1965–2019: An Econometric Analysis”
Arpita Biswas, “The Gendered Effects of Urban Displacement: Insights from Delhi, India”
Zhongjin Li and Hao Qi, “The Profitability Puzzle of Digital Labor Platforms”
Paula Rodríguez-Modroño, Astrid Agenjo-Calderón, and Purificación López-Igual, “A Feminist Political Economic Analysis of Platform Capitalism in the Care Sector”
Marlene Kim, “The Problem of Gender in Economics”

December 2022, 54(4), with papers by:
Srishti Yadav, “Reviewing Petty Commodity Production: Toward a Unified Marxist Conception”
Avraham Izhar Baranes and Timothy Hazen, “Regional Intergovernmental Organization Response to COVID-19: The Impact of Neoliberalism on Bureaucratic Autonomy”
Paddy Quick, “Who Cares? Capitalism and the Reproduction of the Working Class”
Ron Baiman, “Our Two Climate Crises Challenge: Short-Run Emergency Direct Climate Cooling and Long-Run GHG Removal and Ecological Regeneration”
Al Campbell and Erdogan Bakir, “Financialization and Debt: Much Worse Than Parasites”

December 2021, 53(4), with papers by:
Chiara Piovani and Nursel Aydiner-Avsar, “Work Time Matters for Mental Health: A Gender Analysis of Paid and Unpaid Labor in the United States”
Lijun Su and Junshang Liang, “Understanding China’s New Dual Circulation Development Strategy: A Marxian Input-Output Analysis”
Zhongjin Li and David M. Kotz, “Is China Imperialist? Economy, State, and Insertion in the Global System”
Ron Baiman, “In Support of a Renewable Energy and Materials Economy: A Global Green New Deal That Includes Arctic Sea Ice Triage and Carbon Cycle Restoration”

December 2020, 52(4), with papers by:
Marlene Kim, “Intersectionality and Gendered Racism in the United States: A New Theoretical Framework”
Paddy Quick, “The Role of Household Production in the Determination of Wages and the Process of Capitalist Production”
Mario Pianta and Matteo Lucchese, “Rethinking the European Green Deal: An Industrial Policy for a Just Transition in Europe”
Mihnea Tudoreanu and David M. Kotz, “Stable Jobs or iPhones? The Dilemma of Innovation in Socialism”
Ron Baiman, “Financial Bailout Spending Would Have Almost Paid for Thirty Years of Global Green New Deal Climate: Triage, Regeneration, and Mitigation”

December 2019, 51(4), with papers by:
David Kotz, “The Rate of Profit, Aggregate Demand, and the Long Economic Expansion in the United States since 2009”
Ann E. Davis, “Salvation or Commodification? The Role of Money and Markets in Global Ecological Preservation”
Alfredo R.M. Rosete and Hendrik Van den Berg, “Macroeconomic Policy in an Environmentally-Constrained Economy: A Dialectical Materialist Application of the Harrod Growth Model”
Hao Qi, “Semi-Proletarianization in a Dual Economy: The Case of China”

December 2018, 50(4), with papers by:
Ilene Grabel, “Toward a Pluripolar Global Financial Architecture? The Bretton Woods Institutions and the New Landscape of Developmental Finance”
Matías Vernengo, “Classical Political Economy and the Evolution of Central Banks: Endogenous Money and the Fiscal-Military State”
Barbara E. Hopkins, “Gender Inequality in Postcapitalism: Theorizing Institutions for a Democratic Socialism”
Kirstin Munro, “Unwaged Work and the Production of Sustainability in Eco-Conscious Households”
Michelle Holder, “Revisiting Bergmann’s Occupational Crowding Model”
Ann E. Davis, “The New Triffin Dilemma”
Doruk Cengiz, “Total Effects of Privatization: Evidence from Turkey”
Fred Moseley, “Commodities as Products of Capital: A Reply to Skillman’s Review of Money and Totality”

December 2017, 49(4), with papers by:
David Kotz, “Social Structure of Accumulation Theory, Marxist Theory, and System Transformation”
Devin Rafferty, “‘In Case of Emergency, Break-Open Glass’: The IMF’s ‘New’ Institutional View, Financial Instability, and Financing Development Processes”
Ann Davis, “Fetishism and Financialization”
William McColloch, “Profit-Led Growth, Social Democracy, and the Left: An Accumulation of Discontent”
Brenda Spotton Visano, “Gendering Post-Keynesian Monetary Macroeconomics With Situated Knowledge”

December 2016, 48(4), with papers by:
Charalampos Konstantinidis, “The Neoliberal Restructuring of Agriculture and Food in Greece”
Paul Cooney, “Reprimarization—Implications for the Environment and Development in Latin America: The Cases of Argentina and Brazil”
Matías Vernengo and David Fields, “DisORIENT: Money, Technological Development and the Rise of the West”
David Barkin and Blanca Lemus, “Third World Alternatives for Building Post-capitalist Worlds”

December 2015, 47(4), with papers by:
David M. Kotz, “Capitalism and Forms of Capitalism: Levels of Abstraction in Economic Crisis Theory”
Erdogan Bakir and Al Campbell, “Is Over-investment the Cause of the Post-2007 U.S. Economic Crisis?”
Gary Mongiovi, “Piketty on Capitalism and Inequality: A Radical Economics Perspective”
David Barkin, “Looking Askance at Picketty’s Inequality from the Third World”
Michael Zweig, “Complicating the Labor Market as a Social Institution”
Swarna Sadasivam Vepa, Brinda Viswanathan, Bhavani R. V., and Rohit Parasar, “Child Under-weight and Agricultural Productivity in India: Implications for Public Provisioning and Women’s Agency”

December 2014, 46(4), with papers by:
Tim Koechlin, “Urban Inequality, Neoliberalism, and the Case for a Multidisciplinary Economics”
Mathieu Dufour and Özgür Orhangazi, “Capitalism, Crisis, and Class: The United States Economy after the 2008 Financial Crisis”
Ismael Hossein-zadeh, “Flaws in the Marxian Explanations of the Great Recession”
Zhongjin Li and Hao Qi, “Labor Process and the Social Structure of Accumulation in China”
Gillian Hewitson, “The Commodified Womb and Neoliberal Families”

September 2013, 45(3), with papers by:
Bret Anderson and Elissa Braunstein, “Economic Growth and Employment from 1990-2010: Explaining Elasticities by Gender”
Marlene Kim, “Policies to End the Gender Wage Gap in the United States”
David M. Kotz, “The Current Economic Crisis in the United States: A Crisis of Over-investment”
Erdogan Bakir and Al Campbell, “The Financial Rate of Profit: What is it, and how has it behaved in the United States?”
Fadhel Kaboub, “The Fiscal Cliff Mythology and the Full Employment Alternative: An Affordable and Productive Plan”
Lynne Chester, “The Failure of Market Fundamentalism: How Electricity Sector Restructuring is Threatening the Economic and Social Fabric”
Peter Skott and Frederick Guy, “Power, Luck and Ideology – Technological and Institutional Parameters of the Agency Problem for CEOs”
Natália Bracarense, “Contact Zones: Development Theory and the “Cultural Turn””
Svetlana Kirdina, “New Systemic Institutional Approach for Comparative Political and Economic Analysis”

September 2012, 44(3), with papers by:
Robert E. Prasch, “Neoliberalism and Ethnic Conflict”
Fadhel Kaboub, ”From Neoliberalism to Social Justice: The Feasability of Full Employment in Tunisia”
Carmen Diana Deere and Jennifer Twyman, “Asset Ownership and Egalitarian Decision Making in Dual-headed Households in Ecuador”
Sanjukta Chaudhuri, “Female Infant Mortality Disadvantage in India: A Regional Analysis”
Michael J. Murray, “The Regional Benefits of the Employer of Last Resort Program”

September 2011, 43(3), with papers by:
David Colander, “Is the Fundamental Science of Macroeconomics Sound?”
Amitava Krishna Dutt, “Macroeconomic Theory After the Crisis”
Christopher Gunn, “Workers’ Participation in Management, Workers’ Control of Production: Worlds Apart”
Al Campbell, “The Role of Workers in Management: The Case of Mondragón”
Minsun Ji, “Global Restructuring, Social Distancing, and a Community-Based Worker’s Center Response”
Jonathan P. Goldstein, “Race in Early Tobacco Advertising: The Case of American Tobacco Cards 1880-1911”

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