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(In late January 2021 there will be a link here to the URPE@Easterns Program)

Every year URPE sponsors a series of panels at the Eastern Economic Association (EEA) annual meeting (called “the Easterns”). This conference typically happens the weekend that spans the end of February and beginning of March, or if that is not a weekend, the first weekend in March. Now in its fifteenth year in 2021, URPE’s participation in this conference in the form of its URPE@EEA panels continues to provide a forum for URPE members, and economists across the heterodox spectrum, to meet and engage with each other, and to continue to develop the frontiers of radical economic theory.

In addition, each year the RRPE publishes a selection from the papers presented in its sessions in a “Proceedings Issue.”

The Call for papers to the Easterns is sent out by the EEA generally in mid to late September. As soon as URPE receives this, we send a Call to all our members for submissions of individual papers or complete panels, out of which we compose our URPE@EEA sessions.

This year the procedure for submitting proposal for a paper or a panel to the URPE@EEA sessions is different from how it has been done in all prior years. In prior years proposals for papers or panels were submitted to URPE by November 15, and once submitters were notified by URPE of acceptance by mid-December, they registered for the conference on the EEA website. Beginning this year for the 2021 conference, proposals for papers or panels will be submitted to the EEA website (with an indication that they are intended for the URPE@EEA sessions). The site will be open for such submissions in October, and not closed until sometime in December (we will notify people of the closing date for proposals once we know). Registration will be done just as before on the EEA website, and one can wait until notified of acceptance of one’s proposal before registering if one wishes to (that is, proposals can be submitted without registering).

The detailed procedure for submitting a proposal for a paper or panel for inclusion in the URPE@EEA sessions is specified in the revised Call that was emailed to all URPE members on the URPE list serve on November 10, and is also posted on this site under this URPE at the Easterns section of the Conferences & Events listing on URPE’s homepage (click here for the Call). We will send out three or four reminder Calls to our membership prior to the site being closed to proposals.

Also from this site you can see the program (with times and room numbers) for this year once we have that in January, and all our past programs.

If you have any questions about our URPE @ Easterns program, please contact Al Campbell at al@economics.utah.edu or Armagan Gezici at agezici@keene.edu.

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