This post is based on a panel at the ASSA in January 2015 which focused on the important issue of class.  This panel was part of URPE’s new effort at interdisciplinary collaboration. One of the participants in the panel, James Livingston, is a historian at Rutgers. He has written two very fine books on the founding of the Federal Reserve system, after consolidation of the capitalist class in late 19th century. He has also written additional books about cultural critique, rather than simply rely on the organization of labor at the workplace. He is willing and interested in engaging in this debate about the location of class consciousness and the opportunity for mobilizing change. He has agreed to let us post pdf versions of his paper and presentation slides. We welcome comments on the general theme of the panel (first slide) as well as the questions to Prof. Livingston (last slide).
The Role of Class in Historical Analysis
Theses on Capitalism and its Other(s)

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