In light of the attention to Cuba following the death of Fidel Castro, here is a recent paper on Cuba by a member of the URPE Steering Committee, Al Campbell: “Updating Cuba’s Economic Model: Socialism, Human Development, Markets and Capitalism.” Socialism and Democracy 30(1):1–29.
From the introduction:

The large majority of articles written outside Cuba about its process of “updating” its economic model (appropriately) address what they consider the economic effects, both of what has already been implemented, and of what will come next, a comprehensively debated issue. This work will consider an intimately-related but fundamentally different aspect of the reform process. Many supporters of Cuba’s 50-year effort to begin building socialism fear, and many opponents hope, that the economic updating process is the beginning of the road back to capitalism. This article will consider some important aspects of the relation of Cuba’s economic reforms to its project of building socialism.

Read rest here (subscription required)

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