Selected 2016 Publications:

Vlog Series: “Jobs, Money, Debt: Economic Common Sense,” by Mathew Forstater
“The Monsters Within : Capital, Cancer, and Crisis,” by Benjamin C. Wilson
“Paradigm Shift in Sustainable Economic and Ecological Development: The Case of Tunisia,” by Sonia Ben Slimane, Jerry Courvisanos, and Hatem M’henni
Envisioning Provisioning: Forgiveness and the Possibility of Peace,” by Benjamin C. Wilson
““JOBS FOR ALL”: Another Dream of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” by Mathew Forstater
“Making Human Survival Illegal: The Unintended Consequence of TPP,” by Marco Vangelisti
“The EU Referendum, or Can Britain Be its Best Self?,” by Alexander X. Douglas
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