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Editorial Introduction – Fiscal Austerity and Economic Growth
Laura Barbosa de Carvalho
PDF (English)
Neoliberalism, trade imbalances, and economic policy in the Eurozone crisis
Engelbert Stockhammer, Collin Constantine, Severin Reissl
PDF (English)
The Greek public debt problem
Michalis Nikiforos, Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, Gennaro Zezza
PDF (English)
Aggregate demand and the slowdown of Brazilian economic growth in 2011-2014
Franklin Serrano, Ricardo Summa
PDF (English)
Fiscal consolidation in developed and emerging economies
Paulo André Camuri, Frederico G. Jayme Jr., Ana Maria Hermeto
PDF (English)
Macroeconomic regime and labor market: the Argentine experience of the past two decades
Luis Beccaria, Roxana Maurizio
PDF (English)
Currency crisis and external fragility: a Minskyan interpretation applied to the Brazilian economy between 1999 and 2013
Victor Hugo Rocha Sarto, Luciana Togeiro de Almeid
PDF (English)

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