By Scott Carter,

It is with great pleasure to announce that Sraffa’s Notes on PCMC has been uploaded on the Wren Trinity website.

I made two videos on this event that are being posted now on the Heretical Sraffa youtube channel. The first one was on May 11 immediately after having learn of the upload; you’ll see I’m very excited.

The second video was shot 11 days later on May 22 and introduces the different archival conventions developed. Here I work through the various conventions used for the material. In the dialogue box people can download my recent paper on this. In that paper the different conventions are hyperlinked to the different online databases. All this makes Sraffa’s archive come ALIVE! As readers will see, there are two different online databases. The first is the Wren Trinity website, and the second is the Trinity 2.0 database.

You can get my paper here, and the Wren website is here. Everything is in my paper. If you go to the various tables there you will see that all of the archive is hyperlinked. I described with the interface in the second video as well as in the paper.

There will be plenty more from this point on. In fact I will be changing this website from a scroll down blog to a website proper. This will be happening in the coming weeks. So tune in, read the paper attached, and peruse the archive and enjoy the wonderful opportunity we now have for the first time to study the unfettered work of one of the most brilliant minds in Twentieth Century economic thinking.

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