September (19-)20-22, 2017 (exact start and end time: t.b.d.)

Leuven, Belgium

We have a few openings for speakers at this international conference. I still have to work the numbers but there will probably be a low fee of a maximum of ?100 to cover coffee and a few meals.

We invite presentations that are related to the themes set out below. Please contact Manuel Aalbers ( by July 12 at latest with a title, 150-250 word abstract and your position/affiliation (in Word not PDF).

Conference abstract:

Real estate and finance were at the roots of the global economic crisis that started in 2007. States and their many institutions have also been seen as complicit to the crisis. The connections between real estate (including housing), finance and states remain under-researched and under-theorized. Various political economy traditions have looked into the connection between finance and states, but largely ignored real estate. The field of urban studies includes research on the interdependence of real estate and states, but finance is largely ignored. Moreover, this field is very micro focused, while the various political economy traditions are very macro focused. We not only need a stronger connection between finance and real estate, but also between different scales: local/urban, national and global. We here propose a new metaphor that can help us to centre attention on the interdependencies of real estate, finance and states: the real estate/financial complex, akin the military/industrial complex. The idea is not to introduce a new master concept but to understand the spatialities of contemporary capitalism and bring together a range of literatures including but not limited to: financialization, capital switching, varieties of capitalism, urban studies (e.g. global cities, property-led development, growth machines/coalitions, gentrification, asset-based welfare).

The conference will take place on September 20-22 but a pre-conference lecture may be scheduled on September 19. For those of you that know Annelore and Mirjam: they will publicly defend their respective doctoral theses on September 18 (AH) and 19 (MB), so get in contact with them individually if you?d like to attend.

The conference is organized by the members of the Real Estate/Financial Complex (at KU Leuven/University of Leuven) and received funding from the European Research Council (ERC), the Arenberg Doctoral School (KU Leuven) and the Flemish Government. For details, please visit

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