Edited by Edward Fullbrook and Jamie Morgan. From WEA Books:

Two things seem generally agreed about Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States: it is, for good or for bad, potentially a major historical turning point and its most important determinant was the economic reality experienced today by the majority of Americans. Given that over recent decades that reality came into being through economic polices largely designed by the economics profession, it seemed to us imperative that economists come together in an open forum – one not dominated by a particular school or ideology – to share their insights not only with other economists but also with a wider intellectual audience.

The essays collected here provide important insights and analysis from some of the most respected names in their fields. The title of this collection is Trumponomics: Causes and Consequences, but the essays range further than this might imply. The contributors have a great deal to say about economy, but are not hidebound by the narrow strictures of much of contemporary economics. This is not a set of essays confirming the obvious through abstruse mathematics. Instead, the essays set out the many socio- economic factors that help to account for the appeal of Trump, the limits and tensions of the policy tendencies articulated by Trump, and the general context of failure of economics as theory and practice that neither prevented the socio-economic factors nor lead to reasonable alternatives now.

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