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“Killing Bill O’Reilly:The Disgraced Broadcaster’s Distortions of History”

By Matthew Stevenson, Harpers, July issue

A dissection of the right-wing commentator’s new book on World War II in the Pacific. The author note that O’Reilly is currently the nation’s most widely read historian.

“A Presumption of Guilt”

By Bryan Stevenson, Harper’s, July issue

A long historical essay on race and the criminal justice system in the U.S.

“Tread Carefully: The Folly of the Next Afghan ‘Surge’”

By Danny Sjursen,, posted June 29, 2017

The author, a U.S. Army strategist who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, formerly taught history at West Point.

“The Growing Danger of War with Iran”

By Paul R. Pillar, LobeLog, posted June 28, 2017

The author is a 28year veteran of the U.S. intelligence community, including a time as National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia.

“The Trump Doctrine in the Middle East Is to Follow Saudi Arabia’s Lead”

By James L. Gelvin, History News Network, posted June 25

The author teaches modern Middle East history at UCLA.

“How Hollywood Keeps Getting Afghanistan Wrong”

By Robert W. Thurston, History News Network, posted June 25

The author is a professor emeritus of history at Miami University.

“A Small Fiasco Inside a Colossal Fiasco” (on the war in Afghanistan)

By Andrew J. Bacevich, Boston Globe, posted June 23

The author is a professor emeritus of history and international relations at Boston University. 

“Behind All of Trump’s Boneheaded Policies in the Middle East Is an Unmistakable Urge for Confrontation with Iran”

By John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus, posted June 2

“Some ‘October Surprise’ Conspiracies Turn Out to Be True”

By Kai Bird, Los Angeles Times, posted June 20

The author, currently at the CUNY Graduate Center, is a Pulitzer Prize–winning historian.

“Facing the Human Wreckage of War: An Alternative WWII History Invokes ‘Moral Injury’ in Context of Pacific War”

By Kelly Beaucar Vlahos, The American Conservative, posted June 19

A review essay on Peter Van Buren’s novel on the Pacific War, Hooper’s War, with an interview with the author.

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