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Thousands have taken to the streets in Iran’s largest and deadliest protests since 2009.  Iranian activist Dariush Arjmandi, a member of Rahe Kargar, Organization of Revolutionary Workers of Iran, an exiled Marxist-Leninist group in Germany, says demonstrators are challenging economic mismanagement and repressive state control, not pushing the regime change agenda of Iran’s global foes.  These are the same Iranian nationals called “terrorist” by Donald Trump;  the same or descendant of same people who were subjected to the tyranny of the Shah after the 1953 CIA coup, and hoodwinked again when their popular revolution was sidetracked by Khomeini’s counterrevolutionary faction, which was cuddled, greed-lighted, and then agreed-upon by the United States – when the Shah was no longer viable as an alternative – in the Guadeloupe Summit of 1979 .

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