Institute of Economics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IE-UFRJ)

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May 15: submission deadline
June 1: notification of selected papers

The Research Group in Political Economy at the Institute of Economics of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro follows the Sraffian project proposed by Garegnani to make the Keynesian-Kaleckian principle of effective demand compatible with the classical surplus approach. For our group, growth is demand-led and policy (and often balance of payments) constrained and inflation is basically a cost-push political economy phenomenon that depends on conflicting claims over income distribution. In this framework, macroeconomic policies are important to growth, inflation and income distribution and are, in capitalist economies, the result of institutional arrangements and political power relations.The Research Group in Political Economy also considers that the soundness of this theoretical approach is best demonstrated by constructing policy-relevant analyses and models both theoretical and applied in order to understand the concrete performance of developed and developing economies.

Given the approach taken by the Group and in the context of the recent increasing dialogue and convergence between some Kaleckians and some Sraffians (on endogenous money and supermultiplier models, for instance), the main idea of the workshop is to strengthen this promising trend by promoting a constructive and policy-relevant debate between Kaleckians and Sraffians (to which other heterodox approaches to economics are more than welcome) on new contributions concerning demand-led growth analyses and models and their multiple relations with conflict inflation, income distribution and macroeconomic policies.

Articles that broadly falls within the following topics are welcome:

– Demand-led growth: theoretical and empirical studies;
– Cost-push and conflict inflation: theoretical and empirical studies;
– The role of macroeconomic policies in demand-led growth;
– Macroeconomic policies, income distribution and conflict inflation;

Papers must be written in English and contain title, short abstract (maximum 200 words), author’s name, institutional affiliation and email address.

We recommend submitted papers to have a maximum number of 8000 words.

Submit your paper here: http://www.ie.ufrj.br/index.php/pesquisa/demand-led-workshop-paper-submission-form

Scientific Committee: Ricardo Summa (UFRJ), Lucas Teixeira (UNICAMP), Júlia Braga (UFF), André Lourenço (UFRN), Fernando Lara (FEE/UNISINOS), Rafael Ribeiro (UFMG)
Local Organizing Committee: Breno Roos, Caroline Jorge, Gustavo Bhering, Ricardo Summa

The Review of Keynesian Economics (ROKE) is sponsoring the workshop and a selection of presented papers will be submitted as a Symposium to the journal.

For questions and further information on the workshop, please contact us at: workshopufrj2018@gmail.com

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