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EAEPE Annual Conference 2018 Nice, France, 6-8 September 2018

The precise definition of ‘heterodox economics’ remains contested. Various definitions have been put forward in the literature of such aggregates as ‘mainstream economics’ – as distinct e.g. from neoclassical or marginalist economics – and ‘heterodox economics’, as part of, or distinct from, ‘political economy’ or related concepts. The session will therefore investigate and discuss the nature, role and relevance of heterodox economics from a theoretical, institutional and historical point of view.

Two editors of the recently published Routledge Handbook of Heterodox Economics, along with a number of its contributors, will present papers and take part in the discussions.

Possible topics include but are not restricted to

  • −  The definition of heterodox economics and its distinctive features
  • −  The relationship between heterodox economics and
    • −  the mainstream
    • −  specific strands of thought such as, e.g., Marxist or PostKeynesian economics
    • −  specific issues, such as money, institutions, evolution, etc.
    • −  specific analytical methods, such as evolutionary game theory, agent-based models, etc.
    • −  the meta-theoretic foundations of economics
    • −  pluralismSubmissions

      Submissions should specify that the contribution is on the theme of the special session.
      Abstracts (300-750 words) should include the name(s), email(s) and (if possible) affiliation(s) of the author(s). They should be submitted electronically at the conference website and forwarded to anyone of the following: Carlo D’Ippoliti (carlo.dippoliti@uniroma1.it)
      Wolfram Elsner (welsner@uni-bremen.de)
      Paolo Ramazzotti (ramazzotti@unimc.it)

  • Abstract submission deadline: 31th March 2018
  • Notification of acceptance: 30th April 2018
  • Full paper submission deadline: 31st July 2018Contacts: For any information or queries about the session, please contact one of the above.

    For more information on the overall conference with the theme “Evolutionary foundations at a crossroad” please visit: www.eaepe.org

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