One does not have to watch a film or read a novel to encounter the present dystopian reality of the world. Faced with ongoing economic and political crises, recent spikes in reactionary and fascist movements, and the prospects that we are/have reached a point of no return with respect to ecological destruction and life on this planet; one may wonder, “what is left to be done?” To begin to answer this question and find hope and potential despite catastrophe, the left needs to imagine and enact alternatives while recognizing those already in existence. At a time when it may seem that most alternatives and options have been exhausted, what types of progressive and radical responses and possibilities can be proposed? What can we learn from past and current struggles and traditions moving forward? With these questions in mind, this year’s Left Forum seeks strong and creative workshops and proposals which understand the myriad challenges we face and the urgent task at hand. We welcome and encourage submissions from a broad array of struggles and perspectives which can assist in radically imagining and building different presents and futures.

By the end of May 5th, all necessary speakers need to be submitted.
For those who submit by this deadline, you will hear from us at latest Friday, May 10th.

  • Pease Note: All panels will be subject to approval. This year we have a much more of a limited capacity than in past years and, unfortunately, many quality panels may not be able to be included in the program.
  • Panel (and workshop) topics span a great variety of issues. Panels/workshops offer engaged forms of dialogue, debate and/or interaction between panelists/facilitators and audience and at times, have an activist, organizing or strategy building focus.
  • In designing your panel or workshop, we ask you to try to ensure that panelists or workshop facilitators represent a range of political and cultural identities (e.g., race, gender, age, and class diversity).
  • If you have any problems submitting a panel, please email panels AT, you can also request via email that we call you back by phone. Panel Submission Deadline: Sunday, May 5, 2019. In order to accommodate as many panels, workshops, panelists and workshop facilitators as space will allow we limit local and regional panelists/facilitators to two panels/workshops. Requests for additional panel/workshop participation can be made by emailing panels AT and explaining your request.
  • Don’t wait – submit your proposals—even in a nascent form—as soon as you can. The later the panel/workshop is submitted, the harder it is to attend to all aspects of its administration. Minimum Information to Submit: Panel Title, Description of Panel, Names of Three Presenters (including email addresses, titles and group affiliation)

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