Webinar Recording: Heterodox Economics and the Political Economy of Palestine

Heterodox economics crucially involves uncovering and challenging unequal power relations, including those related to class, colonialism, imperialism, race and gender. AHE has expressed its unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people that are facing Israeli occupation and an ongoing genocidal war (see AHE’s and URPE’s 2023 statements on Palestine). It is the task of us as critical scholars to expose and challenge the power relations that support oppressive structures and stand on the side of the oppressed.

At the moment media reporting on Palestine is heavily dominated by Zionist narratives and the focus is only on the immediate humanitarian emergency. This webinar takes an alternative heterodox and radical political economy perspective on Palestine, both from a scholarly and activist point of view. It explores the historical and socio-economic reasons for the current genocide, the possible role of heterodox economics in studying the Palestinian economy and society, and the likely paths going forward


Dr Ibrahim Shikaki, Assistant Professor of Economics, Trinity College, US


Raja Khalidi, Director-General of the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS), Palestine
Rafeef Ziadah, Senior Lecturer in Politics and Public Policy, King’s College, London


Ingrid Kvangraven (King’s College, London, UK)

Sirisha Naidu (University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA)

Click here to download the presentation slides from this webinar.

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