The Importance of URPE Now and in the Future

As URPE enters our sixth decade of agitation and education we are well positioned to take on the pressing challenges of this political moment: our membership is strong, our journal the Review of Radical Political Economics (RRPE) is widely read, and we are an essential radical voice at conferences and events across the country.

Of course, we can’t do this work without you. Financial support from members and supporters is essential to the success of our work.

Click here to make a donation or become a monthly sustainer.

Your donation today will go directly to our outreach and education efforts including:

  • The publication of our journal the Review of Radical Political Economics, which provides the opportunity for the publication, in a refereed journal, of substantive articles in the area of radical political economics.
  • Increased participation of URPE as a sponsor of panels at academic conferences. Every year we organize a number of panels at the meetings of the ASSA (Allied Social Science Association), the EEA (Eastern Economic Association), and ICAPE (The International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics). These conferences provide radical political economists -graduate students in particular – with the opportunity to share their research widely and increase their employability.
  • The URPE Graduate Dissertation Fellowship, awarded to graduate students writing doctoral dissertations in radical political economy. Fellows share their subsequent work with URPE through one of our outlets, including the RRPE, the URPE blog and other public forums.

We encourage you to become a monthly sustainer at the level of your choosing!

Legacy Donations

Your bequest will keep URPE strong, active, and vital

You know that your support for URPE’s current work is essential. Making a bequest is a special opportunity to show your long-term commitment to URPE and leave behind a meaningful legacy.

You can provide for URPE’s future in various ways, each described briefly below. We recommend that you consult with your attorney or tax advisor for the restrictions and many tax benefits that may apply to your specific situation.

Please contact us at for additional information and a prompt response to questions that you or your advisor have. We thank you in advance for making URPE a part of your legacy.

URPE accepts bequests of stock and securities, cash, mutual fund shares, retirement plan assets, life insurance benefits, IRAs, and 401K plans. For information about other forms of giving, such as living trusts or remainder trusts, please contact our office.

Language of Bequests

  • A specific bequest of a stated dollar amount or specific securities:
    • I bequeath to the Union for Radical Political Economics Inc., located at 418 North Pleasant St, Amherst MA, 01002, the sum of              dollars (or describe the specific property or security you intend to give). 
  • A residual bequest that grants the residue, or portion of the residue, of your estate to URPE after explicit bequests have been made:
    • I bequeath to the Union for Radical Political Economics Inc., located at 418 North Pleasant St, Amherst MA, 01002, all (or     %) of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal property of whatever kind and wheresoever situated.
  • A contingent bequest in case one or more of your bequests cannot be fulfilled:
    • If any of the above-named beneficiaries should predecease me, I hereby give his/her/their share of my estate to the Union for Radical Political Economics Inc., located at 418 North Pleasant St, Amherst MA, 01002.
  • If your estate will be subject to federal or state taxes, you can make a tax-deductible bequest to URPE.
  • Make a gift from your IRA:
    • If you are at least 70-1/2 years old, you may be able to directly transfer tax-free distributions of up to $100,000 per year from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to qualified charitable organizations, such as URPE, without having to count the transfers as income for federal income tax purposes. Contact your IRA administrator or financial planner for details.

Please consider the best way to support URPE now and in the future. You may find, in fact, that a planned gift will allow you to increase the size of your gift while reducing the cost to you, generating income, or securing the future for yourself or others.

Kindly note the tax ID number for URPE is 13-2983845

All bequests should be made out to the Union for Radical Political Economics.



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