Call for Papers – URPE @ ASSA

January 3-5, 2020
San Diego, CA – San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina

URPE invites proposals for complete sessions and individual papers for the URPE at ASSA annual meeting. We welcome proposals on radical political economic theory and applied analysis from a wide variety of theoretical perspectives. The deadline for proposed papers and sessions is May 1, 2019.

Proposals for complete sessions are encouraged and should include the session title, a brief description of each paper, and the names, institutional affiliations, and email addresses of the chair, discussants, and presenters. Proposals for sessions should contain four papers. If you are proposing a complete session, please try to arrange to have discussants for your papers and a chair for your session. As the organizer of this session, you are responsible for conveying administrative information to session members, including confirmation that the session has been accepted, the time and location, and the deadlines for distributing papers.

Proposals for individual papers should include the title, the abstract, and the author’s name, institutional affiliation, and email. Individual papers that are accepted will be assigned to sessions and each session will have an assigned organizer. Individuals whose papers are accepted may also be asked to serve as a discussant in a different session at the meetings.

We regret that high quality individual papers may be turned down due to the inability to place them in a session with papers with similar themes. The number of sessions we can have is limited by ASSA, and we regret that high-quality session proposals may also have to be turned down.

You should receive word from URPE about the decision on your session or paper by late June. The date and time of sessions are assigned by the AEA at the end of August.

Please note that anyone who presents a paper (but not the chairs or discussants) must be a current member of URPE at the time of submission of the paper or panel proposal. Submissions are checked, anyone not current with their dues is notified, and then proposals are deleted if membership is not made current. Membership information is available by clicking here.

Applications for individual papers should be made to URPE@ASSA Individual Paper Proposals, or for complete session submissions to URPE@ASSA Complete Session Proposals. If you have questions or problems with the online submission, please contact urpe

Proposals submitted after the May 1 deadline will not be considered.

For questions about the meetings, please contact the URPE at ASSA coordinators Paul Cooney and Paddy Quick.

See the American Economic Association website for general logistical information about the conference and our past programs page for more information on sessions at the conference.

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