One hundred years after the Russian Revolution resurgent left militancy and moves towards socialism coincide with an empowered right, itself emboldened by the crises of politics and capital. This is an age of social uncertainty – pregnant with possibility as well as peril. Join the HMNYC 2017 conference as radical left theory clarifies the economic, social, cultural, and political developments of our increasingly polarized world.

Scheduled Plenary Sessions:

Class Composition and Strategy: Kim Moody, Beverly Silver, Aaron Benanav (Friday, April 21)
The Problem of “Surplus Populations”: Nikhil Singh, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Joshua Clover, and George Ciccariello-Maher (Saturday, April 22)
The Economic Crisis: Anwar Shaikh, Michael Roberts, and others (Saturday, April 22)
The International Women’s Strike and the Socialist Feminist Movement: Tithi Bhattacharya, Cinzia Arruzza, and others (Sunday, April 23).

HMNYC invites you to NYU’S Silver Center from the evening of Friday, April 21 through Sunday April 23 to discuss and debate these questions with us.

The prices for HMNYC 2017 are:

Full Conference:  $80 solidarity
$60 waged
$20 unwaged

Single Day passes:  $35 waged
$15 unwaged

Single Plenary pass $10

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