The editors of Journal of Labor and Society (LANDS) invite submissions for a special issue on the Mexican workers and labor movement in the contemporary era.

The Mexican working class has undergone a tumultuous and uncertain period of change and reconstitution that has had significant consequences for the Mexican labor movement over the past three decades since the 1976 creation of the Export Processing Zone on the US border, a key attraction for foreign direct investment and industrial and union restructuring, spreading throughout the country after passage of NAFTA.  In the last decade since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, given the relatively low wages of Mexican laborers, capital investment has steadily expanded.  The domination of the state and capital and ossified and hollowed out labor organizations have contributed to greater FDI flows into the industrial sector.  The rejuvenation of industry has not contributed to an organized workers movement, as would be expected.  To a degree, low strike rate is indicative of the most repressive state forms of authoritarianism. However, over the past decade, workers have engaged in militant spontaneous labor strikes, which have gone undocumented in the mainstream and even labor press.

LANDS invites research and essays evaluating the Mexican labor movement:

*   The nature of contemporary worker activism and strikes
*   The labor movement, established unions and non-established organizations
*   Mining sector strikes
*   NGOs
*   Mexican labor law and the industrial relations system
*   FDI, capital relocation and investment and effect on workers
*   Unemployment and precarious labor & capitalized and undercapitalized sectors
*   Mexico?s social welfare state: housing, health, education
*   Logistics and Mexican workers (warehousing, transportation, etc.)
*   Development of class-based organizations and areas of resistance to state/capital
*   Transnational Labor Campaigns

All submissions are peer reviewed.

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