The 2022 RRPE Editorial Board elections are now concluded. There were twelve open slots, and thirteen candidates running for these twelve slots. Newly elected and re-elected to the Editorial Board are: Fletcher Baragar, Davide Gualerzi, Elif Karaçimen, Michael Keaney, Surbhi Kesar (newly elected), Marlene Kim, Bob McMaster, Andrew Mearman, Kirstin Munro, T. Sabri Öncü (newly elected), Susan Schroeder, and Tai Young-Taft (newly elected). With regret, long-term Board member Mark Klinedinst was not re-elected—I thank him for his extremely valuable contributions to the journal during the ten years he served on the Board, and hope these results do not discourage him from continuing to contribute to RRPE/URPE in other ways. I also thank outgoing Board member David Kotz for his many valuable contributions to the journal during this, his most recent, stint on the Board (he also served on the Board in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s), and hope he will continue to contribute to RRPE/URPE in other ways. Terms start in September 2022 and run for three years.

If you are interested in working as part of the RRPE’s Editorial Board, please contact the Managing Editor, Enid Arvidson at, by no later than May 1 of the year you wish to run for the Board, and plan to send your election statement of no more than 250 words by no later than June 1.

Please review the RRPE Aims and Scope to ensure you can contribute to the journal—candidates should have expertise, and an emerging or established scholarly record, in at least two or three areas of radical political economics. You must be a member of URPE to stand for election (join URPE). Editorial Board members are elected by the URPE membership—only members of URPE may vote in Editorial Board elections.

The journal, and Editorial Board, function collectively. Duties of Editorial Board members include: reviewing an average of one manuscript per month (12 manuscripts/year); serving on Special Issue Collectives; serving on various sub-committees; attending three meetings a year (two-hour meeting in January at the ASSA conference, full-day meeting in April usually in NYC, and two-hour zoom meeting in late September/early October).

Serving on the Editorial Board is a major commitment, but is also rewarding since it is an important way to contribute to URPE. If you are interested in running, please download this detailed file with important additional information (Candidate Information about Running).

RRPE Editorial Board Elections take place online every July. Terms begin in September and run for three years.

Election statements are posted on the URPE/RRPE website and linked with the ballots.

For the 2022 Editorial Board elections, there were twelve open slots on the Board, and thirteen candidates running for these slots. Candidate Statements are available for download in the 2022 Editorial Board Election CANDIDATE STATEMENTS

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